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3d Wooden Puzzle

3d Wooden Puzzle

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Partly inspired by Georges Vantongerloo's De Stijl abstract sculpture, our 3d wooden puzzle aims to be both a game and a stimulus to artistic expression.

Made up of seven sets of seven different wooden shapes, our 3d wooden puzzle can be made into a concrete tower, a table puzzle or an abstract sculpture.

Glue the pieces together to give your sculpture a permanent form or rearrange them at will to explore different shapes.

Aimed both to kids and adults, our 3d wooden puzzle allows for a reinvigorating break from daily routine.

Packaged in XYLART luxury packaging, our 3d wooden puzzle makes for an ideal gift.

  • Tower dimensions: 36cm X 6 X 6/ 14.17in X 2.36 X 2.36
  • 42 pieces
  • 678g/ 1.5lb
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Plywood
  • XYLART gift packaging
  • Copyright-protected design